Hair Magic actually started when I was only 16, still in high school. I was making it with natural products for a friend who abruptly lost her hair due to illness. After it worked for her I just began to give it away, to all my clients and friends.

When I graduated high school, my friend Asia suggested that I start selling it, at this time I only had the Hair Magic Grease, Hair Magic Oil and Hair Magic Leave Conditioner. I participated in a “sip & shop” and actually had 360+ people in line waiting to purchase my products.

Unfortunately I only had 50 products of each so I had to turn so many away. One person stepped out of line to say “That magic hair grease saved my hair.” She showed us her breast cancer scars & said how Hair Magic helped her hair grow back after undergoing Chemotherapy. I guess you can say, that’s how the company was birthed. 

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